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    Cool SRK to work with AAMIR!!!

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    I would like to work with Aamir: Shah Rukh Khan!!!

    Newsmaker Shah Rukh Khan on his movies and IPL moves.

    Q. Why have you pushed the release date of 'Billoo Barber' from November to early next year?

    We could have worked round the clock and released 'Billoo Barber' on November 21 but it would have been on the same day as Subhashjiís 'Yuvvraaj'.

    And two weeks later, my 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi' would be released. So I thought we should shift 'Billoo Barber' for February 14 next year.

    Q. Why February?

    I wonít be in town in January. Iíll be shooting for Karanís film abroad. I want to be around during the release of 'Billoo Barber'. Now Iíll have only one release this year, 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. 'Billoo Barber' belongs to Irrfan Khan, heís the hero of the film but Iím there in a nice way.

    Q. Once youíd said that all the three Khans should act together. Whatís your take on that now?

    Itís not up to me to decide. Aisa kuchh nahin hai...if it has to happen some day, it will. But I would like to work with Aamir one day. I always tell him that Iíve worked with every actor but with him. Anyway thereís time. Abhi toh hum dono jawan hain aur dono ki body bhi achhi hai.

    Q. The second season of IPL is coming up soon. Are you in touch with all thatís going on in the cricketing world?

    I donít work with IPL. I work for Knight Riders, thatís the company which we have. Yes, we have been working to get the administration and the cricket team in place.

    But I donít know how to do either... itís not in my line of work. So we have some experts looking into which player to choose and all that. Last year was an experience to see kya hota hai. Itís a difficult business but that makes it thrilling.

    Q. Whatís the game plan for Knight Riders?

    That game plan is always done by the cricketing side. I canít suggest which player to take and how to go about it...thatís done by experts. I do look at the administrative side because itís my company. Weíre fixing up some specialists who know cricket, branding, and merchandising.

    Last year, we had only one month to work on various aspects but now weíve had more time on our hand. Weíre the only team to organise five camps. We already have one camp in Australia and three in India. Our main ideology is to offer an alternate platform of professional sports in India, inshallah.

    Q. What about Sourav Ganguly?

    Itís his decision to take a retirement from test cricket but heís our captain. I think Dada is busy right now but from January we will start taking all the decisions. My cricket team, including Dada, will sit down and decide upon which players we should include in Knight Riders this time. Weíll make a team of 20 players and then go ahead.

    Q. Donít you ever get tired of it all?

    Never...thatís why Iím a superstar!

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    Awwww..Hez too SWeet.....LUV em..

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    wow nice i wish i cud see him work with amir

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    thanks for sharing


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    Thanks for sharing

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    Thank you so much for sharing



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