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    Default Sridevi to make a Comeback with Mr. India-2

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    Shekhar Kapoor has just finished writing the techno-zany sequel to the 1987 blockbuster Mr. India. And it will be designed as a feature film that would eventually be converted into a video game.

    Shekhar, in India for a while, will now set down to convince Sridevi to return to the sequel. "Mr. India 2 cannot work without the original cast. I've written a basic story. A very modern story. It's the story of today's youth. And what is happening with technology today. And I've gotten over my fear of how to replace Mogambo. It's a new story filled with special effects. And yes, it has a brand new villain to replace Mogambo."

    Anil Kapoor is very much part of Mr. India 2. "I'd be stupid to make Mr. India again without Anil. And we must have Sridevi…Ms Hawa Hawaii was very memorable character. How is Mr. India conceivable without Sri? Or without Calendar (Satish Kaushik)? Or for that matter the frazzled newspaper editor (Anu Kapoor) who kept getting wrong numbers on his landline? We'll replace the landline harassment with unwanted commercial calls on the editor’s cell phone."

    As for Sridevi, "I think I'll work my charm to persuade her. She has to agree.”

    There'll also be new hero in Mr. India 2. 'We're getting a completely new boy who won't play the title role. But he'll play a pivotal part. I want to bring new talent into our industry. I want the new boy in the new Mr. India to be someone like Rishi Kapoor, Kumar Gaurav or Aamir Khan when they came in."

    Shekhar isn't at liberty to disclose the new post-Mogambo villain's name. "But what I can tell you is Boney Kapoor and Manmohan Shetty are co-producing, while I look after the creative aspect of Mr. India 2. I never wanted to be on the management side of movies. Today I've 25 stories. I'm willing to part unconditionally with them to anyone who can direct them properly."

    The director for Mr. India 2 is yet to be decided. "We're looking. Today's directors don't want to work without a proper plot. That's why I've structured Mr. India 2 first. So far the ones we asked were awed by the prospect of equaling or bettering the first part. And there was no Mogambo anymore. I'm willing to start next month provided we've the suitable director."

    Shekhar Kapoor is in serious partnership with Manmohan Shetty. "With Manmohan I don't have to watch my back. I've no clue about how money works. I love people like Karan Johar. They've no idea of money. They make movies for the love of it."

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