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    Default Sridevi: 15 years? I feel like I've been away only for a week

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    Her waif-like appearance, the exquisitely tailored clothes and the aquiline nose might belie her age - she will be 50 next year - but from the moment actress Sridevi starts to speak you recognise the familiar quiver in the voice and are transported to the glorious late 80s and early 90s when she reigned on Hindi cinema.
    Sri is back after a hiatus of almost 15 years with her new film 'English Vinglish' but she said during an interaction with the press in New Delhi that she did not feel the years go by since her 1997 film 'Judaai'.
    "The thing is, I do not even feel that 14-15 years have passed. I feel like I am back after a week's break from work," Sri said.

    There were no apprehensions in facing the camera professionally after so many years, thanks to newcomer director Gauri Shinde who put the actress at ease and the camaraderie was palpable as the two women paid back-and-forth compliments to each other and joked in between questions.
    "Gauri has written such a real and human script, as a woman, as a mother I could relate to the script. She made the character so real. I really enjoyed doing this film," she said. "At the end of the day, language should not divide people," Shinde, who accompanied the actress, piped in.
    Sri said back in her time, film promotions were not such elaborately planned events. "Promotions are scary. Earlier it used to be just few magazines. But now there are so many things involved while releasing a film. It is difficult but slowly I am getting used to it and enjoying it," she said.
    In the time she has been, the industry has changed considerably. Had she noticed?
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