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    Default Spending time with my baby rejuvenates me: Rajniesh

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    Actor Rajniesh Duggall talks about his diet and more

    My workouts
    Earlier I would do the normal 5-6 day workout. Now, I have started functional training, which involves a lot of free hand exercises, handstands, push-ups, pull-ups, jumps and the cross trainer. The basic idea is to increase the heart rate and not to take breaks in between the workouts.

    My diet
    I'm a pure vegetarian. I don't eat wheat, only oat flour and rice. I include a lot of salads and veggies along with lots of fruits in my daily diet. And luckily I have a very high metabolism so that helps too. But all in all I try and maintain a healthy balanced diet.

    My happiness quotient
    Having a productive day at work or spending quality time with my baby or my friends completely rejuvenates me. For that matter, even sports. I guess a lot happy enzymes are released (laughs).

    My idea of relaxation
    Movies, movies and more movies. I can watch movies back to back. Even a day at the spa, usually a deep tissue massage, totally de-stresses me.



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