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    Exclamation Why the best song in Jannat was chopped off

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    Why the best song in Jannat was chopped off
    Even though Bhatts have just delivered a box office hit JANNAT, fans of their cinema and music have still been left complaining.

    Reason? Best song of the album, 'Door Naa Jaa', was not just refrained from being promoted on music channels, it also got chopped off from the final print.

    "Why did they have to do this with 'Door Naa Jaa' which is one of the purest compositions by Pritam", rues Nitin Sharma, an IT professional who has been a hardcore Pritam fan, "I agree that it is not one of those 'dhinchaak' tunes by the composer which set the dance floor afire.

    But believe me, I have cried everytime while listening to this song. It is so painful and so true to someone's emotions who is loosing it all in his life."

    Written by Sayeed Quadri, 'Door Naa Ja' is a difficult song to sing since it has almost negligible instruments for most of the initial duration.

    Still, this Rana Mazumdar sung rock track created a mesmerizing impact the moment it was heard in the album. The song required the singer to change pitch multiple number of times and the way he held the attention of a listener was commendable.

    Still, the makers chose to leave the song out of the narrative. Here is the reason why?

    "Believe me, for me too this was the best song of the album. It was my favorite", says Kunal Deshmukh, "We wanted to place the song when Emraan Hashmi dies in the film's climax. It was supposed to be a background piece with 2-4 lines playing."

    So why the change in plans?

    "Well, Bhatt saab felt that if a fresh song like this plays at the very end of the film, and that too for only a few seconds, it may not register an impact. Audience may perhaps be left confused.

    So it was decided that the sad version of 'Zara Zara' would have been a better alternative since audience would have already heard the number twice in the film by then", details Kunal.

    He is hopeful though that the song would eventually find it's due.

    "I now to have to ensure that the song finds a place in some other film of mine. It is too good a song to be left out just like that", signs off Kunal.



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