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    Default Sonamís sickness leaves a big hole in the producerís pocket

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    The Masakalli gal Sonam Kapoor, is feeling much better now after her recovery from typhoid. But her illness and her consequent inability to be present on the shoot of Mausam has almost shaved producerís head and pocked. The loss is rumoured to be around Rs 75 lakh.
    An entire set for Mausam, directed by Shahid Kapoorís father, Pankaj Kapur, had to be dismantled in Mumbai recently.
    ďSome romantic scenes of Sonam and Shahid had to be shot. But since Sonam went on sick leave for a long period, we had no option but to cancel the October shoot. The dismantling of the set caused a big loss to the producer,Ē says a source.
    Adds the source, ďThe next schedule will now be shot in Gwalior. Sonam might be required but only for a few scenes.Ē

    When contacted, Talwar confirmed, ďSonam couldnít shoot since she was down with typhoid. We had to dismantle a set in Mumbai and lost Rs 75 lakh. But itís okay. What is important is that Sonam is better now. No problem about the money. We are insured on that, weíll recover that at a later date.
    And of course, weíll shoot the Mumbai schedule very soon, but thatís only after we complete the Gwalior shoot.Ē



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