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    Default what Sonam thinks about Katrina!!!

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    Sonam Kapoor is one pretty Bollywood actress, loaded with guts. She’s fearless and bold enough to comment on anyone and anything without thinking twice. Sonam reveals why men love Katrina Kaif!

    In an interview with the fashion mag Vogue India, Sonam Kapoor about about Katrina, Ranbir Kapoor, and how she wants her man to be.

    Sticking to what she said earlier about Ranbir Kapoor not being sexy, she says, “Are girls drooling over him? Really? Ranbir isn’t sexy at all. Ranbir is a mama’s boy, his mother cuts his toenails for him.”

    Sonam finds Katrina Kaif very mysterious. Talking about the actress, Sonam quipped,“You have to retain the mystery of being a woman. That’s why Katrina Kaif is who she is – a mystery. Men like mystery.”

    Sonam also talked about her dream man.

    “A person who will take more time than me to get ready. I don’t like primping, preening men.” She added, men in India are not well versed with fashion, gays being an exception.
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