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    Default Sonam Kapoor Takes To Twitter Once Again!

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    Sonam Kapoor has proven over and over again that she is not scared of speaking her mind. Although, many of us love her style and consider her one of the fashionistas in India, she has gotten into trouble various times for speaking her mind and not being able to take what others have to say.

    Anil Kapoor in a recent interview stated that it's more difficult for star kids to be in the industry as people have higher expectations from them. Tweeting that story, a follower of Sonam on Twitter replied, "cos they have no talent". This angered Sonam so much that she ended up writing back to him saying "Fu-- off". But the battle of words did not end here. The follower seems to have taken that slur sportingly and displaying his own sense of humour, wrote back, "Ah cool! We don't mind abuses anyway as long as they don't come in the form of bad films you sometimes star in. ."

    I think that every "star" should understand and take criticism in a constructive manner. Do they really expect to be never criticized?



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