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    Default Sonam-Dhanush incognito in Varanasi

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    Playing 17 has its advantages. During the shooting of Aanand Raiís Ranjhaanaa which began in Vananasi this week, the notorious crowds of the Holy city known to descend on shooting units like a cyclone, kept away from Sonam and Dhanush simply because they couldnít be recognized in their school-going clothes.

    Speaking from Varanasi director Aanand Rai said, ďThe first few days of shooting have been a blessing. Sonam and Dhanush are so much in character even I have a hard time recognizing them in a crowd. I feel the wait to see them get into the skins of their character has been worth it.Ē

    We hear Dhanush and Sonam donít only dress and behave like school kids, theyíve even been reading books suitable for 17-year olds.

    Because of their get-up the two are able to roam freely on the roads and in the by-lanes of Varanasi enjoying local food and sightseeing places. We hear Sonam has freaked out on the local Varanasi paan.

    She just canít have enough of it.



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