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    Default Sonakshi takes a dig at fashionista Sonam Kapoor

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    Star Kids Sonakshi and Sonam Kapoor are among the most wanted ladies of Bollywood today. They both are extremely beautiful and talented and often get pitted against each other.

    Sonakshi Sinha is known for giving honest remarks about everyone, be it her friends or her contemporaries. However, little does the actress forget that her remarks often land her into trouble.

    During a recent interview, the ‘Dabangg’ actress was asked about the best compliment someone could give her and here’s what she said, ‘That I can act because that’s what I’m here to do. Not here to flaunt my branded clothes, bat my eyelids, pose and pout.’

    Funny enough, this is exactly what her contemporary; Sonam is famous for doing in Bollywood, who sadly hasn’t been able to tackle the acting genre of things!

    We guess that explains why, Sonakshi finds actresses, Kareena Kapoor and Vidya Balan nothing but pure talent.

    Having said this, Sonam is tremendously talented in the fashion field and has taken her fashion sense to an international level, but what about acting? We say that if Sonam has no desire to better herself as an actor, then she might as well fulfil her other interests and hobbies on a full time basis.

    When contacted, Sonam was in mood to stretch this matter and said that such remarks don’t affect her at all.

    Do you agree with Sonakshi Sinha’s quote? Should an actress pay more attention to acting rather than wearing branded clothes?

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