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    Default Sonakshi Sinha Upcoming Movies Kick, Rowdy Rathore and Vishwaroopam

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    After Dabangg, Sonakshi's next film with Salman, Kick, will have more footage for her than she had in Dabangg.

    Says the confident newcomer, "Kick is a remake of South Indian film. The girl has lots more to do. It's a very good role. I'm very kicked about Kick. Yeah, there's definitely much more scope for me in Kick than Dabangg. And I am going to make the best of it."

    While Sonakshi is part of Dabangg 2, she'd also be a part of the film that the Dabangg director Abhinav Kashyap makes, although the Dabangg producer Arbaaz Khan and Abhinav parted bitterly recently.

    But Sonakshi's brother Kush is now assisting Abhinav. Reveals Sonakshi, "Kush wants to direct films. He's assisting Abhinav in directing ads. I don't think Abhinav is directing another feature film right away. As and when Abhinav makes a film I'd love to be part of it, provided he wants me to."

    On the Bhojpuri KBC, Sonakshi spoke in Hindi while her dad hosted the show in Bhojpuri. "I had never seen him talk in Bhojpuri .He did it very well. I'm looking forward to doing a film with my dad."

    She now starts 3 back-to-back films. "There's Kick with Salman Khan, Rowdy Rathore with Akshay Kumar and Vishwaroopam with Kamal Haasan. Then there's Dabangg 2 coming up. Since there's nothing else I'd rather do I am so glad I'm working throughout the year. Getting success is easier than sustaining it."

    For Vishwaroopam, Sonakshi gets to sport both the Indian and Western look. "I love to see myself in sarees. I hope I get to wear lots. We start shooting in June."

    Prospective producers will have to wait for a year. Sonakshi has no time. "I can't do any more projects for a year." Including the one with Ranvir Singh she is so keen on? "He's quite a bundle of talent, isn't he? Yeah there're talks of a project with him. It'd be a good combination."

    Sonakshi says she doesn't feel older but yes wiser. "I've realized many things about myself. I realized when pushed to the wall I can fight back. I can handle all the pressure. Yes there were lots of attempts to corner me. But thankfully I could take the beating on my chin. More importantly, I always thought I was a very lazy person. But I realized I could work hard. Yes I do my work and I do it well. As long as I enjoy my work how does it matter what people say or try to do? I guess being talked about is better than being ignored."
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