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    Default Sonakshi Sinha promotes ‘Joker’ with aliens

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    It was a lively day at the office when lovely Sonakshi Sinha landed there with her three aliens co-stars from her forthcoming ‘Joker’. Introducing her co-stars, she waved her hand and said, “They have confusing names, but meet Kachua, Goti and Baba!”
    Talking about Joker and her perception about its success, Sonakshi said, “Shirish has done a damn good job because this is a sensitive subject and it has been put together very smartly. Joker is not just about aliens, there is comedy, the story of an underdog coming out on top, there is emotion… it is one good journey.”
    She further explained that the name of the film takes its inspiration from the Joker in a pack of playing cards which, while it belongs to neither the hearts, clubs, spades nor diamonds suits in the deck, is an individual of great power in any game.
    Sonakshi Sinha wrote on Twitter: “With kachua and goti… My aliens from joker they don’t bite, I promise!!”

    ...being a human...



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