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    Default Sonakshi Sinha caught between duty and allegiance

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    In the ongoing cold war between Akshay Kumar and Shirish Kunder , the single-most squirmy sufferer is Sonakshi Sinha who doesn’t know which way to move, go all out to promote Joker or stand by the stubborn and unrelenting Akshay Kumar who has decided to boycott all promotional activities related to the film.

    A source close to the project says, “Sonakshi is very close to Farah and Shirish. They have in fact groomed and counseled her a lot since she came into films, but Akshay is very clear on his loyalties. Once he cuts loose from someone, he expects those around him to be with him wholeheartedly. He never tells his friends what to do. They’re supposed to know.”

    Hence began Sonakshi’s dilemma.

    “The poor girl is a thorough professional, but she knows which side her bread is buttered. Akshay was her co-star in a blockbuster Rowdy Rathore and she is very close to his family. Akshay regularly visited Sonakshi’s father Shatrughan Sinha when he was in hospital advising him on health, diet and exercise. Shatruji is also expected to be working in Akshay’s home production soon. Sonakshi has high regards for him. Otherwise, a thorough professional, Sonakshi would happily take sides with Salman and Akshay two of her leading men till yet,”
    adds the source.

    And that’s what the poor girl has been compelled to do. Sonakshi’s cold-shouldering of promotional activities for Joker has really hurt both Farah and Shirish.

    Says a source close to the couple, “Even if Akshay distanced himself from the project, Sonakshi is a big star today. She could’ve been the promotional face of the film. They’ve looked after her like their own child. Farah and Shirish have been extremely protective of Sonakshi from the time she came in to the industry. Now, when Joker needed her for promotion, she got bogged down by the Akshay factor.”

    In her defence, a source close of Sonakshi says, “The poor girl has been trying to divide her time between her dad, who is been through a bout of bad health, and promotional activities for Joker. She has not been able to do as much as she should have had to do. But she has done her bit.”

    But ‘bit’ in this case was not enough, considering the leading lady of Joker had to stand in for the hero as well. Would her reluctance to go all-out for Shirish Kunder’s Joker cost Sonakshi her role in Kick, the Salman Khan starrer that Shirish is expected to start next year for producer Sajid Nadiadwala or would the ‘Salman’ factor in Sonakshi’s career ensure she stays put in Kick?

    Considering how hurt Farah and Shrish are, the equation can tilt either way.

    But at the moment Akshay has the upper hand. Sonakshi shot a special song for his home production Oh My God. Chances are that she’d be signing another film opposite Akshay in the next couple of months.



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