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    Default Sonakshi shuns Ranveer Singh dating rumors

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    A while back, tinsel town was abuzz with reports of Sonakshi Sinha sending feelers to Ranveer Singh, ever since she made an appearance on Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ late last year. Ranveer Singh, who is known to be quite a ladies-man, also expressed his liking for Sonakshi Sinha, even publicly.

    The rumours went sour with time, only to be rekindled recently, since the two are shooting for ‘Udaan’ director Vikramaditya Motwane’s next directorial venture ‘Lootera’. But Sonakshi Sinha has finally put to rest all the rumours recently by saying that Ranveer is not her type at all.

    In a candid chat, the actress has spoken in detail about the alleged affair between her and Ranveer, which has been doing rounds in the media lately. Talking about the alleged love affair, Sonakshi says, “Ranveer is not my type at all. Such link-up reports affect me at times since I am answerable to my parents. I don’t know why someone would try to misconstrue our professional chemistry.”

    While Sonakshi might deny being romantically involved with Ranveer, the actress however holds him in great esteem. Says she, “He’s full of energy, and just the opposite of what I am as an actor. He likes to prepare for his scenes and rehearse a lot; you know what you call method acting. He continues to stay in character even when the camera is switched off. I, on the other hand, hate to rehearse and I switch off with the camera. It makes for an interesting combination and it shows on screen.”



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