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    Default Son of Sardaar: Ten scenes that raise doubts about the spectator's IQ

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    As per the initial trends, ‘Son of Sardaar’ is doing well at the box office but is the content displayed in ‘Son of Sardaar’ worth viewing? We have compiled a list of scenes from ‘Son of Sardaar’ that were illogical and went above the head of the viewers.
    1. The Pathan-Sardaar connection: If you are a Sikh living in London then there must be a Pathan guy who will offer unconditional love and support to you. Here Salman Khan fulfils the slot.
    2. Sunny Deol, the ultimate inspiration: It seems the hand-pump ejection scene of ‘Gadar’ is going to remain an inspiration for any film with a Sikh at the helm of affairs. Ajay Devgn lives up to the expectations and stands on the minute hand of the famous Big Ben of London.

    3. Gun means democracy: You will invariable find a self styled head or bhai (Pronounced as Paii) of the village who would be the most honest man of the area. The only thing which makes him acceptable to the fellow men is the gun that he carries in his pocket. Sanjay Dutt plays Billu Paii in ‘Son of Sardaar’.
    4. Aunty mat kaho na: Arjan Bajwa was born in 1977 while Juhi Chawla came to the earth in 1967, but ten years is a big gap if you are in Punjab. Juhi Chawla doesn’t seem to worry much about Bajwa calling her Pammy aunty. Ah, that’s the fate of an old Bollywood heroine.
    5. Santa-Banta, the ‘national’ role models of Punjab: The writers of ‘Son of Sardaar’ must have read a lot of PJs before setting them between action sequences in the film. For example, a character in the film says, ‘People will call me Hindustan Lever, because I left India.’
    6. No love story without missing a train: Come on, accept it, Bollywood heroines are not punctual, otherwise why would they miss the train all the time. They can walk in slow motion, run towards the compartment where the hero is standing, without realising that there is a door in the boggy right beside her, but not catch the train. Here, Sonakshi is the bright Punjabi girl.
    7. Hoshiyarpur, the Oxford of Punjab: Hoshiyarpur must be mentioned in order to generate ‘genuine’ laughter. Some uncles and aunties from Hoshiyarpur are also needed at the dance floor. Believe us, these people have the ‘size zero’ IQ, one wouldn’t mind some action taken by Hoshiyarpuris against ‘Son of Sardaar’.
    8. Short term memory loss: Bebe (Tanuja) keeps losing and gaining her memory in every ten minutes, and this happens everytime a little boy makes sound of a motorbike. She starts to call people Khotta Singh in her trance, needless to say that the spectators want to acquire the same disease after 20 minutes of the inception.
    9. Age no bar: How old does Ahay Devgn look? Not more than 30! He plays a ‘young’ boy desperately trying to woo a 20 something Sonakshi. Beard and turban can’t hide your age sir, please grow up, and stop dancing like a maniac in ‘Rani tu main Raja’.
    10. The threshold of death: We can kill somebody outside our house, but we are the best hosts once the same person ‘accidently’ comes inside the house, such is our hospitality. Ajay Devgn saves himself from being murdered by remaining inside the house, while Sanjay Dutt and his minions keep wooing him to come outside the house through out the film.
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