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    Default Slumdog-star wants to be Preity Zinta!

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    So cute these Slumdog Millionaire kids are (minus their families we mean).

    They have such simple wishes indeed. The million-dollar wishes mostly being the dream of the young little gals to grow up to become a movie So what’s new? It’s the new child star from Slumdog Millionaire, Rubina Ali with a cute little dream. Apparently when Rubina was quizzed on her favourite actress, and who she’d would like to grow up to become, she quickly said, “Preity Zinta.” Well, we’re sure no one out there is really surprised.

    Least of all PZ. Wattodo? The Zinta-dil lady has such an effect on her young fans. And her Punjab Kings XI boys, too. And she credits her jadoo-ki-jhappi (remember the much publicised PZ-Yuvraj Singh ‘victory’ team hug?) for all the magic. Her friends told us later, “Preity was quite touched. She thinks that Rubina has done a very good job in Slumdog Millionaire and deserves a lot more in life.” Yeah, and some of PZ’s starry luck, too, right?

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