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    Lightbulb Slim Chances For Pratik ?

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    [DOWN]From saucy and muscular to skinny and vapid! Pratik, the talented scion of the late Smita Patil, has gone in for a complete revamp of physicality. And all fingers point to filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

    Earlier, Pratik flaunted his fab physique which he'd acquired after several rounds of diligent training at the gym. But Bhansali has brought his muscle building to a halt! Pratik plays a small time boy from Goa in 'My Friend Pinto' and Bhansali was sure that he didn't want his actor to sport any bulging biceps.

    A close insider states, "Pratik has been instructed to lose muscles to get into the skin of the character that he is playing in ' My Friend Pinto'. He's playing a complete nerd in the film and has stopped going to the gym completely."

    Rather, Bhansali is putting Pratik through a different regimen. The actor has been pencilled in for attending workshops in Capoeira, an Afro Brazilian form of dance, that is quite acrobatic and will help Pratik to perfect that reed thin look. Thin times for Pratik, eh?

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