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    Default Slideshow - Romance and realism for Freida Pinto

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    Showcasing Freida’s upcoming films

    A Mystery Woman and an Orphan
    It’s not easy to shoulder different genres at the same time. Freida Pinto, the shy, meek and exploited Lathika of Slumdog Millionaire now grows into a charming mystery woman in director Woody Allen’s next film You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger.

    While being directed by the master of relationship complexities is doubtlessly an education, Freida is also dabbling in arthouse cinema by playing the eponymous protagonist of director Julian Schnabel’s film Miral, in which she plays an Arab woman growing up in an orphanage in Jerusalem.

    With a dash of romance and a lot of realism, Freida Pinto grows into an actress worth international reckoning. We bring you a sneak peek into the upcoming films of the actress who rose from Mumbai and won the world.

    The movie is set in an Orphanage established by Hind Husseini (Hiam Abbas) in 1948 after the creation of the state of Israel. Freida plays a girl named Miral who is sent to this orphanage at the age of 7.

    Miral is brought up safely inside the walls of the institute. She’s naive to the troubles that surround her.

    When Miral grows up into her late teens she’s sent to a refugee camp to teach people. However, this trip becomes a lesson for her as she comes to know about the struggle of Palestinians.

    Miral falls for political activist, Hani. Her affection for Hani creates a dilemma inside Miral’s mind.

    The dilemma is whether she should join the fight for the future of her people or follow mama Hind Husseini’s principle that education paves the way for peace.

    You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
    Woody Allen’s film ‘You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger’ narrates the tale of the passions, ambitions and anxieties of married couples.

    The film stars Josh Brolin as a novelist, a married man, who falls for a mystery woman named Dia (Freida).

    The film has been shot in London and has already premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

    ‘You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger’ will release in the US in September this year.

    Freida’s other film ‘Miral’ will release in December.

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