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    Default I slapped a guy for passing awful comments: Raveena

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    Actor Raveena Tandon who essayed the role of a woman who rises against all odds, after going through mental and physical torture at the hands of her husband, in her last film 'Shobhna's Seven Nights' says that she feels strongly about the way men treat women.

    "I am a daughter and I have a daughter. Sometimes I wonder where this inhuman behaviour comes from. At times when I am waiting at signals and I see some boys torturing a stray dog, I can foresee that these kids will eventually turn into future sadists. What is really required is for parents to teach their children basic things like love and compassion. And compassion comes from roots."

    Talking from personal experience, Raveena narrates an incident which was quite disturbing. "Once I was invited as a judge for a reality show on a popular music channel along with actor Arjun Rampal and designer Manish Malhotra. There was no security there. While the three of us were walking towards our seats, some guy standing next to me passed an awful comment about me. My immediate reaction was anger and I slapped the guy because of his comments. In response, the group of guys went to the bar, got liquor bottles and poured it over me. Arjun started hitting the man and Manish covered me. It is something that I can never get out of my mind because of the humiliation I had to face. If I hadn't hit the guy maybe nothing that occurred later would have happened. But my question is why should any girl take this kind of behaviour lying down? I believe it is entirely the government's responsibility to make women feel safe in our country. It is important to eradicate illiteracy, which is also a major cause of such problems," Raveena says.

    The actor says that she is deliberately keeping away from films because she has been offered 'shoddy work in mainstream cinema' and will take up offers that 'allow me to maintain my dignity'.

    Having done an item song in her last Bollywood film Buddah Hoga Tera Baap that had Amitabh Bachchan, Raveena says, "Item songs are getting raunchier today. Somewhere they should be toned down. Imagine when I did Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast (Mohra) years back people had given me shocking reactions. Though sensibilities have changed, the lyrics of some songs today are quite cheap."

    About her bilingual film Gin Liya Aasman which will be releasing in Marathi as well, Raveena says, "Dubbing in Marathi has been quite a challenge. Even though I am familiar with the language, getting the nuances of the language right was tough." And does she have any film making plans in the future? "Not at the moment. My kids are small and it's a big responsibility," she signs off.



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