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    Gowariker does not want Harman to be Hrithik clone in What's Your Rashee?

    Ashutosh Gowariker is being extra careful to prevent any comparisons between his lead actor Harman Baweja and Hrithik Roshan.

    Ever since his debut film Love Story 2050, Harman has been criticised for aping Hrithik's dance steps and moves.

    However, Ashutosh is trying to break the mould by presenting Harman in a totally different look in What's Your Raashee? opposite Priyanka Chopra.

    Fresh look

    A source reveals, "Ashutosh doesn't like the constant comparisons between Harman and Hrithik. In fact, he is trying hard to present Harman in a fresh way.

    He knows that in Love Story 2050, there were several scenes where Harman resembled Hrithik and wants to change that preconception with Raashee."

    The unit was spotted shooting early Sunday morning at Worli. The source adds, "After every scene, Ashutosh makes it a point to check whether there are any obvious similarities between Harman's look and body language with Hrithik.

    If he finds any, he immediately re-shoots the scenes. The unit was redoing a couple of scenes with Harman where Ashu wasn't pleased with his look."

    Apart from his look, Harman's choreography in Raashee will also be very simple. "You won't see him doing a break dance or anything close to what he did in Love Story 2050.

    In fact, his styling and clothes too have been done in a manner that give him a distinct appearance."

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