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    Default Sibling rivalry between Lolo and Bebo…

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    Kareena and Karishma are very close to each other, that we know. But did u know, there is a lot of sibling rivalry too, between them?

    Well, at a recent event, Kareena was present to unveil her grandfather's statue. Bebo blurted out a few secrets.

    Bebo revealed that her grandfather Raj Kapoor was a lot more fond of Karshma Kapoor and that he was biased towards her. Giving out the reason, Bebo said, it could be because both Raj Kapoor and Lolo were blue eyed while Kareena shared green eyes with her daddy. Kareena also said that she was given just one mango while her sis was given two, during summers.

    At the same event where Randhir Kapoor was also present, he spoke about the usage of Bollywood.

    He stated, “I never liked that word. We are Indian actors, not Bollywood actors. We make Hindi movies, not Bollywood movies!”



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