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    Default Shruti Haasan makes adventurous debut

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    Shruti Haasan

    Although it is usually the screen heroes who are known to do daredevil stunts, itís not often that a debutante heroine gets adventurous.But, actor Shruti Haasan, who makes her debut in a romantic lead opposite Imran Khan in Soham Shahís Luck, says she likes to tread the path less taken. Recalling her experience during the shooting, the singer-actress said while doing a crucial scene in Africa, she was required to stand in front of a running train with her hands tied to the sides. Standing in scorching heat, with her back to the train, gave her blisters and boils.

    The heat was so extreme that the heel of her boots started melting.ĒIt wasnít the most comfortable situation but it was fun,Ē she said.However, the stunt changed her skin colour. ďI have got a tan thatís turned me four shades darker, and I still havenít got rid of it,Ē she said, adding the bronze look will stay with her for sometime.

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