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    Default Shreyas: Mahie is a sweet girl !!!

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    The Aage Se Right actor talks about making people laugh !!!

    Shreyas Talpade thinks laughter is pretty serious business and is very happy doing comedies. The actor is all set to play a cop in his forthcoming film Aage Se Right. We caught up with the actor.

    'Gun on the run' is the film's tag line. Are you chasing the gun or running away from it?

    Actually I am chasing the gun. I play a cop who loses his service revolver on the first day of his job. And from there the hilarious turn of events carry the story forward.

    Your co-star is the Dev D girl Mahie…

    She is a very honest performer. Mahie is a sweet girl at heart. I don't think she will lose her innocence with success.

    In spite of debuting with an Iqbal, you seem to have completely switched over to comedies…

    Right now everybody is making comedies. But the good thing is that I am doing all kinds of comedies. On the one hand there is a Golmaal Returns, which is very Jim Carey - completely over the top. While a Welcome To Sajjanpur has situational humour. Aage Se Right is on the lines of a Pink Panther. The characters are doing serious stuff, but people watching them will laugh.

    You do a great imitation of SRK. Has he seen it?

    Actually we were doing a show together and I did an impromptu SRK act in front of him. He loved it. That's his quality. He loves making fun of himself. Shah Rukh Khan is a great guy to work with.

    Sometimes you do stuff like Bombay To Goa and Paying Guests. Will you never say no to Nagesh Kukunoor and Subhash Ghai?

    In life you do certain things for relations and good will. I can't forget Iqbal. Also no one sets out to make a flop. Some films work, others don't. A combination of several factors determines the fate of a film.

    You are even gaining popularity for your drag act on stage. Have you ever thought of stand up comedy?

    I haven't given that a thought. I used to do a lot of mimicry in college. Thought the drag act is something I am not going to do for another 10 years (laughs). I am done with it. Actually I picked it up because I used to always play Sita in school.

    Where do you think your career is going right now? Aren't you afraid of getting slotted in comedies?

    I don't know which way I am going. And I don't think the people have an idea either. That's nice because then they don't watch my films with any pre-conceived expectations. I have been fortunate enough to work with some great people, in films of diverse budgets. As far as comedies are concerned, I am open to serious roles as well. However comedy is the toughest of the lot.
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