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    Default ✿ ‘Short Kut’ actress says she has been shortchanged ✿

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    Deepali Singh breathing fire against producer Anil Kapoor

    Model-turned-actress Deepali Singh is happy that “Short Kut – The Con Is On” has flopped.

    And, the young lady is breathing fire against producer Anil Kapoor.

    She says she was promised a prominent role in the film but when the film released she realised her scenes had been cut and she had been reduced to being an ‘extra’.

    She blames it entirely on Anil, who she says even refused to show her the film earlier. She even accuses Anil of promoting just his own daughter, Sonam Kapoor, at the recent IIFA Weekend, where “Short Kut” was showcased.

    Deepali is also angry at being dropped from all the promotional activities and hoardings of the film.

    Deepali's grouses don't end here. She says she did her own make-up and had to even pay for her own make-up artist. While the film’s leading lady Amrita Rao got the costliest of designers, and she had to make do with her personal outfits, says Dipali.

    She was also to feature in the music video of the title track but wasn't called for it.

    Director Neeraj Vora says, "I agree that Deepali should have been a part of the promotions. I don't know why they left her out…. It was a call taken by the producers and distributors."


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