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    Default Shocking: Mugdha Godse splits with Boyfriend

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    Deepika and Ranbir are not the only couple in Bollywood going through the turbulent times. We hear that Mugdha Godse and her longtime boyfriend, Mithun Purandare have also bid goodbye to each other.

    Mithun is an upcoming model and an aspiring actor who has been with Godse for the past six years. The two had immediately hit off after they came together for a music video in 2003. And though all was hunky dory initially, things begun to strain after Mugdha became an overnight sensation post her ‘Fashion’ success.

    Things started going wrong early this year when the couple realised that they had completely different tastes. However, they soon buried the hatchet and decided to give their relationship another shot. But it was too late and they just couldn’t work things out.

    Confirming the news, the actress said, “Mithun and I are not together any longer. I am single now. Both, Mithun and I, were very young then (when their relationship started). As two people grow up, they might realise that they are not meant to be together as a couple but are better off as friends.”


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