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    Exclamation Shilpa's Birthday party ruined in Dubai

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    Shilpa's Birthday party ruined in Dubai
    By Subhash K Jha

    It was planned as her perfect birthday bash in Dubai on Saturday night to bring in her birthday on Sunday.

    Alas, Woman proposes, God (with some help from the airport authorities) disposes.

    The ordeal for Shilpa began when she landed at the international airport in Dubai with her sister Shamita, parents and life companion Raj Kundra for company.

    Her bag went missing at the airport.

    "This, let me tell you, is the story of my life, " the ever-optimistic and cheerful Shilpa laughed from Dubai. "No journey of mine is complete without losing a bag. It could be a hopping flight from Mumbai to Pune.But if I don't lose baggage the journey is incomplete."

    Unfortunately the baggage that Ahilpa lost in Dubai on Saturday contained the outfit she was supposed to wear for her big birthday bash planned in Dubai.

    Late in the afternoon she had to go clothes- shopping in Dubai with her sister for the party in the night…

    A party that she finally couldn't attend. "I've been on antibiotics for the past week. Ever since I got repeatedly wet in artificial rain for a song with Sunny Deol in The Man I've been suffering these bouts of fever and coughing.

    I was in Delhi earlier last week. The humidity only aggravated my condition. It got worse on Saturday. A doctor had to be called."

    Shilp a couldn't attend her own birthday party. But she has no regrets. "Because I spent the evening with my family. To me there can be no better way to bring in my birthday.



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