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    Default Why Shazahn Padamsee let the kid win???????

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    Shazahn Padamsee is fond of kids. "Being with kids lights up Shazahn face, " said a friend of Shazahn's. Shazahn frequently visit the Breach Candy club and spends some quality time with kids at the pool.

    Her friend said, "They put a permanent smile on her face. Shazahn feels that little children are most honest and innocent.

    One day, one of the kids even recognized Shazahn saying that he had seen her in Ponds and 7 up ads. Shazahn just brushed off his praises. The kid then challenged her to a race in swimming." Shazahn was surprised by the boy's daring nature.

    "Shazahn immediately agreed. But she had no option but to let him win. He was so cute and sweet. Shazahn then gave him a chocolate, as the prize and has even promised him she will show him her movie, Rocket Singh- Salesman of the year, on the very first day, " said the friend.

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