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    Default Shatrughan Sinha to finally go home from hospital on Sunday

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    After a month and ten days in hospital Shatrughan Sinha is finally going home tomorrow. In fact he would have been home on Friday. But the Janmashthami festivities on the streets of Mumbai kept Shatruji’s travel plans back home on hold. A disappointment for Shatruji’s best friend producer Pahlaj Nihalani who had made grand welcome-home plans for the now- fit-and-fine actor-politician.

    Says Pahlaj, “Yes, he’s coming home on Sunday. We are very excited to see him come home again. With Shatru I go back a long way. In an industry driven only by self-interest our friendship has lasted for 35 years. It didn’t matter whether we worked together or not, we remained friends even when we were not working together.”

    For his latest film Avatar Pahlaj Nihalani has decided to get his buddy to do a voiceover, something that Shatrughan Sinha in spite of his famous baritone has never done.

    Says Pahlaj emotionally, “I can’t imagine making a film without Shatru being a part of it. I’ve something in mind for him in Avatar. It’s something he has never done before. But first, let’s get him home and give him time to get back to his normal routine.”

    Adds Shatrughan Sinha’s wife Punam Sinha, “We were taking him home on Friday. But because of the crowded roads for Janmasthami we decided to stay back.”



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