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    Sharman Joshi stills talks about 3 Idiots at the drop of a hat. So, when he came to Delhi for Toh Baat Pakki, we asked him whether after that huge success, he’s wondering why he did this one.

    “See, I’ve worked as hard for Toh Baat Pakki as for 3 Idiots. Harder, in fact. But each film has its own journey. We all knew that 3 Idiots was a good script, and while we were shooting, things were looking good. But this kind of response, appreciation, at least I didn’t expect. It was a very offbeat film in that sense, not a typical masala film, but it clicked.” Yes, we’re back to talking about 3 Idiots.

    So, is he like Aamir’s character Rancho in real life? All sorted? “I have always done what I felt like doing, opted to learn from my own mistakes. Having said that, it’s always a fight – as you live life, there are various distractions, and various moments that make you lose track, so I’m not 100 per cent there yet,” says Sharman promptly. But surprisingly, he disagrees when you even suggest that, perhaps, the no-looking-back point in his career is 3 Idiots. “The day I decided to act, get into films without a single film on hand, I knew then there was no looking back. An actor is what I wanted to be, success was relative for me then. It still is. I don’t think one particular film can do that for an actor – bring everlasting success. I liked RDB, Life In A Metro, Golmaal – each film contributed towards my commercial standing as an actor,” says Sharman.

    When did he decide to become an actor? “I was about 20 years old and in my second year of college – I was studying commerce, so I was thinking about whether I wanted to do management or not. All these things were playing on my mind, and then I got a chance to act in a play in college. I mustered the courage and finally did a professional play in my final year. People reacted very well, so I knew that it was not only my own impression, I was in the right space about what I wanted to do – act,” Sharman says.

    So, from theatre, he adapted quickly to the 70 mm screen? “In theatre, you have the advantage of learning, honing your skill day after day, by reading the audience response. But in films, you do everything in the best possible way you can and then wait, and wait. By the time the audience responds, if it’s not good, it’s a gone cause. But in theatre, you can improvise and improve every night. Everything, from your personal space to the chemistry with the people around you, impacts what you do on stage, because of the immediacy of the response.”

    What chemistry? Does he go to the sets, look at the heroine and think, ‘Iske saath toh I can sizzle’? “Sure. 100 per cent,” says Sharman firmly. “With the director, co-actors, everyone you work with, there’s a certain chemistry. If you click on a human level, there is certainly that extra spark,” he says. And what if he has to do intimate scenes with someone he doesn’t like at all? “See, we will still do our jobs well, when it comes to acting, but you will not get that spark. The X-factor happens with two individuals connecting.” Has he felt the ‘chemistry’ with any actress so far? “No, not with any actress. But I felt it with Aamir.” Sigh, we’re back to Aamir. “With him, it’s a pleasure. A treat. He is a superstar, and yet, he respects each and every individual on the sets, seeks their feedback after takes. There are certain qualities of his that I like a lot, and that love and respect shows. His compassion towards people, the encouragement, asking everyone to participate in the process... On the sets of 3 Idiots, it was male bonding – I gelled with Maddy too, also with Hirani...”

    And what does he do when not acting? “I like to read, watch movies, travel, spend time with my babies. I have six-month-old twin boys and a four-year-old daughter – a packed house,” he grins. “They take up most of my time, actually. Our daughter is growing up, future heroine, the way she is at home, you can tell she’s got a lot of potential,” says the proud dad. She loves to see him on screen? “She didn’t like my part in 3 Idiots – she was very disturbed. The suicide scene, etc, troubled her. So I’ve decided not to show her any more films. I thought she’ll take it with a pinch of salt, because I’d given her the whole spiel of ‘it’s all make believe’ – but finally, she was quite affected, and I felt very bad. She’s quite a critic. She tells me when she doesn’t like my work, and doesn’t appreciate my jumping around.”

    And the films? “Allah Ke Bande,” he says, as we wonder if he’s referring to not having a single film on hand again. He says, “Nahin, wakai mein, that’s the title of the next film I’m working on. It’s about two boys from the slums of Mumbai. Waise bhi, Allah ke bande hain, dekhte hain kya hota hai...”

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