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    Default Shahrukh Khan, watch what you say!

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    Shahrukh Khan is currently in London, shooting for Yash Chopra’s as-yet-untitled romantic film with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Naturally expectations are high of this one, but from what he has been tweeting, it seems we should not keep our hopes up. Shahrukh said on Twitter a couple of days ago, “Saddened at the demise of great movie plot lines. Wotever happened to car chases…macho one liners & sharon stone crossing her legs.” You may or may not agree that Sharon Stone’s famous pose in Basic Instinct was an example of great plot line, but what we are surprised about is that SRK made the remark at all, since he was responsible for approving RA.One’s script.

    As producer of the film, Shahrukh had every say in the manner RA.One was written,yet he let the film be made in the way it was. Same was the case with Don 2,which made much more sense than RA.One did (thanks to Farhan Akhtar), though not as much as it should have. Now he is involved with the Yash Chopra film only as an actor, but if he is feeling so disheartened about scripts in general, it won’t be too far off to guess that he isn’t happy about the way the film’s story is progressing.
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