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    Shahrukh Khan to feature in a film on food
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    Default Shahrukh Khan to feature in a film on food

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    Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan has reached at the peak of his stardom. He has huge fan following in India and across the world. In his successful career spanning more than two decades Shahrukh Khan has lent his support to a lot of films that dealt with unusual topics. He will very soon be part of documentaries illustrating the beauty of West Bengal to draw tourists. But apart from that, he will also be seen in a film on food.

    The name of Vikas Khanna is bound to ring an instant bell in the minds of housewives all over, courtesy, his boyish charm that's doubled up with his impeccable hosting skills in the cookery show Masterchef India 2. Well, it is the same New York- based international chef and filmmaker Vikas Khanna, whose upcoming project The Moon of Eid features none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

    The said film, which talks about spirituality and food, is a part of the 'Holy Kitchen' film series that looks at different religions and their respective food customs and habits. In addition to that, the film also aims at bridging together the meaning of food in religion with the experience of sharing food in a spiritual context. This docu-film also features the holy month of Ramzan, when the followers of Islam enjoy their favourite foods after breaking their fast at sunset and communities are drawn together in sharing the feast foods at iftar.

    Talking about this close-to-heart project, Vikas said that it was indeed a remarkable experience to see SRK talk about his food beliefs in reference to iftar. News also has it that Vikas will be visiting Mumbai soon for the DVD release of the film, which is expected to happen soon. Vikas, whose project's aim is to make people aware of the world's religious traditions paving way for mutual respect, added that they began work on the project few months back. For this, they not only managed to get SRK's inputs, but also an elaborate interview wherein he also spoke about his Eid parties.

    While the first film in the 'Holy Kitchen' series is based on langars (of the Sikh community), the other projects are based upon the food traditions and habits of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Judaism.



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