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    Default Shahrukh Khan was allowed one phone call

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    The Bollywood Badshah, who flew to the US on the night of August 13 to participate in a Meet-and-Greet with the NRI fraternity in Chicago and Houston for Independence Day, was in for a rude shock when he was detained by the US airport authorities at the Newark Airport for close to two hours. Reliable sources say that King Khan was reportedly held in the immigration detention area and repeatedly questioned.The reasons on why such an unfortunate incident happened with the biggest Indian actor is still to be ascertained. News has it that Indian/Pakistani travellers at the airport recognised the actor and kept yelling for him.

    However, the foreign officials werenít exactly paying heed.News also has it that after an hour-and-a-half, SRK was allowed one phone call to the Indian Embassy. The actor was released after Indian authorities intervened in the matter. SRKís closest friend Karan Johar, who woke up yesterday to the news of the actorís detention, is shocked to say the least. Ironically, they spent some time in the US lately making Karanís next film My Name Is Khan.SRK spoke to me earlier. He is saddened by the unfortunate incident. As a member of his family all I can say is that Iím upset that this had to happen to a man of Shah Rukhís stature, achievement and credibility.

    He is a global icon and it is sad that on the occasion of the Indian Independence Day, the countryís biggest actor was interrogated especially when he had flown in to celebrate the occasion with the NRI fraternity,Ē said Karan. News of Shah Rukhís run with US airport authorities created shock waves in Bollywood.

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    poor SRK

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    lol yeah i heard thaht .... thanks for sharing



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