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    Default Shahid's Kaminey look create a strong buzz

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    Shahid's Kaminey look create a strong buzz

    Shahid is certainly all out to impress his female audiences now. The actor who has improved his dancing prowess has certainly amazed the younger female fans in his new Pioneer commercials.

    But ever since Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey promos hit the theatres along with the release of the movie Delhi 6 there has been a strong buzz about Shahid's new look in the people. The audiences simply can't stop raving about his totally new avatar in the film.

    All those who have managed to get a glimpse of the promos are going gaga about Shahid's look. Sources close to the actor reveal that "Shahid's chararacter in the movie is to watch out for as he will be seen in a double role.

    His rusty and rough look is definitely something to look forward to. It seems like another hot action thriller flick after Ghajini. The trade buzz of Kaminey is positive definitely. Also people are quite curious about Shahid - Priyanka's chemistry on screen."

    The actor who is planning his 27th birthday very soon is still keeping himself away from the eye of the public. "He does not want to reveal his new look before the release of his film hence he also plans to have a private party at home with family and few close friends on his birthday.

    We also know how particular Shahid is when it comes to endorsing products. He models for only those that he strongly believes in.

    Shahid has now taken a step ahead! The actor has expressed himself creatively for the Pioneer ad that he shot for recently.

    A source said, "Shahid was busy mastering his dance steps for the ad. But he just could not get it right. He felt there was something amiss in the background score of the ad. To get things right Shahid asked the director to create a hook in the background score impromptu.

    Hook is a kind of snappy jingle or music that makes a person instantly associate himself to the song. It's a melody through which the song is remembered. Kiran Deohans, the ad filmmaker, was mighty impressed with Shahid's instant creation. "

    Says Kiran Deohans, the director of the ad, "Shahid has an eye for detail just like his father. Shahid took an active part in everything and that was quite impressive.

    The music was ready and when Shahid was listening to it he felt something was missing in the music as there was no hook at the start. He wanted it to be added soon as then he could practice the steps accordingly and go ahead and finish the shoot comfortably. Besides being a great actor and a superb dancer, he is a very friendly person too. "

    Kiran Deohans has worked as a cinematographer for many hit films like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Jodhaa Akbar, Love Story 2050, Aks etc.

    Shahid made creative contribution in other aspects of the ad too. Said the source, "Shahid added his bit to everything. He actively participated in the other departments too and took interest and gave inputs in the making of the entire ad. He would practice the steps till very late in the night and then immediately go for his shoots.

    No wonder Shahid is particular about the products that he represents.

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