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    Default Shahid stalked by iconic Bollywood star's daughter

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    You may envy actor Shahid Kapoor for the huge female fans following but he is having hard time for it. It is common for heroes to have female fan following but there are times when few fans tend to become stalkers. That seems to be the case with the vegetarian hunk Shahid Kapoor.

    Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor who is tagged as one of the Bollywood's most eligible bachelor is one of those Bollywood superstars who has a long list of admirers, but, unfortunately, has a stalker too.

    The latest buzz is that troubled daughter of a yesteryear Bollywood actor has been stalking Shahid Kapoor and even claims to be his wife. The woman has been after him for the past six months but things got out of control on Wednesday when she showed up at his apartment at 3 am.

    According to eye-witnesses, the woman, who lives in the adjacent high-rise, scaled the boundary wall, managed to dodge the security and ran up to Shahid’s apartment on the 13th floor of Raheja Classique, and began pounding on his door. As soon as the actor realised who she was, he called up the security, and four of them rushed upstairs and escorted the woman away.

    The woman, in her early 30s, has apparently had a troubled life. According to some of her distant relatives, she could never quite recover from the twin blows of her father’s death and professional disappointments. “In fact, a few years ago, she made her debut in a B-grade flick, where her role was drastically reduced. It was a huge blow for her,” said the family member.

    Her obsession with Shahid is about six-months old, say her relatives. A reason why she even shifted home to be closer to her favourite star, who she claims is her spouse.

    According to Shahid’s friends, he has had to face several awkward moments in the recent past when she suddenly “popped up near the gate and blocked his path.” There have also been reports of her waiting near his car and making several desperate attempts to go up to his apartment and meet him.



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