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    In a recent magazine interview Shahid Kapoor shared his views on what he will say to the actors/actresses if he ever shares the same elevator with them.

    Vidya Balan: Vidya and I would just say hi to each other and make small talk.

    Kareena Kapoor: I don’t know what I’d say to her when caught alone with her in an elevator.We were once very close.I was close to her family too.I guess I would enquire about them,especially about her niece Samaira,whom I adore.

    Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka and I can’t stop talking.We’ll probably yak,yak,yak.She’ll probably lecture me that I should stop being shy and reserved and I’ll probably tell her how fab she looks in Kaminey.We’ll probably talk about the lax security in our building.

    Shahrukh Khan:I look up to him a lot so I’d like him to lecture me on how to better myself.I still remember the Pepsi ad we did together.There was Rani and him and in between them was me,looking like a Pappu.Someone made a rude comment and he took up a mike and said, ‘The next one who makes such remarks will be thrown off the set’.He didn’t have to take it up for me but he did.I still respect him for that.

    Saif Ali Khan:I don’t know what I’ll say to Saif.We will discuss the weather I guess.

    Aamir Khan:We’ll probably compare our abs as we both have worked quite hard on them.

    Akshay Kumar:Akshay’s wife Twinkle did my first house and she did a fab job.Unfortunately, I have lost her number so I’ll probably ask Akshay fo that as I have just bought another house.

    Amitabh Bachchan:I’m probably his biggest fan so I’d stare at him wide-eyes.It’s happened to me with Sachin Tendulkar.We were in a life together and I was so awestruck that I could’nt gather the courage to talk to him.

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