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    Default Shahid Kapoor throws tantrums at Parmeet

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    When name and fame comes to one’s head, he never mind throwing tantrums on others. related was the case of actor Shahid Kapur. Shahid has established a niche in Bollywood and intervening in all works of the debutante director Parmeet Sethi who is directing Shahid Kapur in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Badmaash Company’. Intervening between the two and trying to establish peace between the two is filmmaker Aditya Chopra.

    Talking about the big row between the two, a close source from the sets said, “Shahid was highly inquisitive and often questioned Parmeet’s decisions on the sets. More often than not, Shahid wanted to be the one to decide whether a shot was okay or not. He always used to question Parmeet about why he was asksing for so many retakes. Several times when Parmeet said ‘Ek aur baar karte hain,’ Shahid would object because he felt he’d given a great shot.”

    With increasing number of retakes, the temperament of the actor also increases and he made a complaint to Adi. “Aditya went up to Shahid and told him that Parmeet wasn’t doing anything without his knowledge and consent. Shahid understood Aditya’s point and returned to the set,” added the source.

    However, Shahid denied the whole incident.



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