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    As reports of Ken Ghosh’s Shahid Kapoor-Genelia D’Souza film being called Yahoo fill the papers and television tickers, the director is one worried man.

    “Because as far as I’m concerned my film is not called Yahoo, ” explains Ghosh with much distress. “The title has registered with the public because it has been thrown at them so often. But it hasn’t been registered with us.

    We don’t have the title, plain and simple. Some other producer has the title Yahoo. Not that I’m really keen on calling the film Yahoo.”

    Ken feels once the title is entrenched in the public’s mind the power to claim the title from the original owners weakens. “I’ve gone through this when the American choreographer Marty Kudelka’s name was announced for our film before he was properly signed and put under the contract. When the information was leaked out we were suddenly being armtwisted financially.”

    Ken feels he may have to go through the same process of financial bullying for the title. He would much rather call his film something else.

    The problem is, the public thinks it’s Yahoo. “And it would take us a while to erase that assumption and start afresh. To begin with everyone thought our film was called Star. That caused its own damage. We began calling the film Yahoo because of the association with Shammi Kapoor. But now we think we want to call the film that.”

    Ken hopes to put the idea to public vote. “We can’t wait too long because we need the new title to sink in.”


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