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    Default Shahid Kapoor files complaint against Raj Kumar's daughter

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    For the last nine months, Shahid Kapoor was being stalked by a woman. He initially didnít make an issue of it since the lady, Vastavikta, was the daughter of the late veteran actor Raj Kumar. But when things started getting out of hand, he filed a complaint against her at the Versova Police Station in Mumbai recently. The complaint was filed by his manager on behalf of the actor.

    The Mumbai police registered a non-cognisable offence against Vastavikta Pandit (33) after Shahid alleged that she had been harassing him for last six months.

    Shahid tried to ignore the problem for a long time out of respect for the late Raj Kumarís family but last week, the matter came to a head when Vastavikta allegedly scaled the societyís wall and dodged the security guards to reach his apartment on the 13th floor.

    In his complaint, Shahid said that she often blocked his way when he left his house to say that she was his biggest fan. On one occasion she allegedly entered the building where Shahid lives and kept knocking on his door.

    Police said that they were trying to trace Vastavikta, and would issue her a warning.

    A leading tabloid reports that Vastavikta, who has acted in the supernatural thriller ĎEightí a few years ago, had been stalking the actor for the last nine months. Trouble started when she moved next to Shahidís apartment building, Raj Classique, in Versova. She claimed to be Shahidís wife and allegedly used to follow him to his shoots and wait for him at the gate of his building.



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