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    Default Shahid files police complaint against stalker

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    Shahid Kapoor surely has a lot of female fan who are absolutely crazy about him but this one female fan (or should we say stalker) has irked Shahid no end. The lady in question is the daughter of a late Bollywood actor and has been stalking and harassing Shahid for almost few months now.

    She even deliberately shifted her residence close to Shahid's Versova home so that she could keep an eye on every move of his. She has been even claiming that she is Shahid's soul-mate and wife and has become a nuisance for the actor.

    While Shahid tried to ignore her crazy obsessive behaviour initially, it now seems that he has had enough. As per reports, an irked Shahid has filed a complaint with the Versova police station against the lady for harassing him time and again.

    It remains to be seen if this move will tame the stalker.



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