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    Default Shah Rukh blows up 67 cars for Don 2

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    A power-packed car chase scene in upcoming Shah Rukh Khan-Priyanka Chopra starrer Don 2 used 67 cars, and shut down some important streets in Berlin for three weeks. The sequence, covering prominent locations such in the capital of Germany, saw the cars being specially shipped from Korea.

    The Brandenburgh Gate which houses the United States and Russian Consulates was cordoned off for the climax shots of the car chase, and this was specially allowed for Don 2 while previously, many Hollywood films were denied the same permission.

    Every day, alternate routes and diversions were provided in lieu of the roads that were cordoned off for the shoot, and the entire filming schedule was well-supported by the Berlin government.

    The scene is touted to be one of the best action sequences in Bollywood so far.

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    omg really....i am going to watch DOn2 this sunday now more excited thanks for the share !

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    Thanks for share..



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