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    Default I like being sexy: Pooja Bedi

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    In Bhubaneshwar to take part in an International Women's Day event, Pooja Bedi talks to TOI on being a self-made woman

    Do you see yourself as a feminist?
    This word feminist is misunderstood. Generally people think that feminist is someone who is loud and overtly vocal about everything. And I am not into that because I truly feel that our greatest strength is that we are women. Being a woman is incredibly special as we have the ability to give birth and nurture life. I believe women and men are just different.

    Do you blame Bollywood for rising violence against women?
    Not at all. The problem with our society is that we don't blame the person who actually commits the crime. It's easy to blame Bollywood for everything. To me, there is nothing wrong on the part of woman to reveal her sexuality, on screen or otherwise. There is no harm in looking sexy and I'm not embarrassed to be sexy. Coming back to your career, you've worked in films, walked on ramps and now you are a regular face on TV.

    Which medium, according to you, is the best?
    I love television as the connect you get with the audience is far greater than the films. Audience may or may not go to see films but everyone has a TV set at home. So, they watch you and acknowledge your personality. And when you meet them, they treat you as their family member.

    How advantageous was it to be the daughter of Kabir Bedi?
    My father never made a phone call for me in the industry. Whatever I did was on my own. I have been a completely self-made woman. I never had a golden spoon in my mouth because I am Kabir Bedi's daughter. But he gave me a vibrant and artistic environment to grow up in.

    From doing the controversial advertisement to dating Akashdeep Saigal you have always been in the news for wrong reasons. What's your take on this?
    I think India is a sexed-up country and extremely hypocritical about it. When I did the advertisement I basically thought of the problems of unprotected sex. As far as Akashdeep is concerned, he is my best friend and somebody I adore. I met him in Big Boss and we shared a good rapport. He is one of my closest friends.

    Do you plans to act in films again?
    I did a Telugu film last year with NTR Junior. I did it for the fun of it. But I think I prefer to work for TV as the money, popularity and reach are a thousand times better than films.



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