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    Default I知 the least sexy person you could meet: Jacqueline

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    Jacqueline Fernandez opens up about her sexy tag, item numbers and her craziest fan. To listen to the entire conversation, go to on your mobile browser.

    You're one of the fastest growing celebrities on follo.
    That's so cool. I didn't expect that. It's nice to know that I have fans reaching out to me, who are interested in knowing what I'm up to. I hope I don't disappoint them and can give them what they want.

    How do you react to your 'sexy' tag?
    It's weird that I have a sexy tag because, in reality, I'm the least sexy person you could meet. I'm extremely clumsy, a bit of a goofball and exactly the opposite of what I exude on screen. I find it laughable because I don't find myself sexy. And the people who know me don't find me sexy either. But I do want to do different cinema and show my real side.

    How open are you to doing item numbers, considering it is the in thing these days?
    I have been trying to change the term 'item'. I feel, when an actress is approached to be a part of a song from a movie, it's more of a special appearance or may be a special song. I am very open to doing these special appearances that lend an extra touch to the film.

    What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
    The craziest thing a fan has done was to stalk my manager. He has been harassed by this guy, who is a very sweet fan and lives in the Caribbean. He basically has to know my every movement of every second of every day. He will not leave my manager alone till he gets his answers. He is very sweet and very obsessed.

    You gell with your female co-stars like Sonam and Asin. Tell us about it.
    Asin and I have been friends for a long time now. Even though I haven't worked with Sonam, she's always so genuinely helpful. She even tells me what nail polish I should wear with what dress. It just shows how she has no insecurities, she's very confident of the person she is.

    How comfortable are you with Hindi now?
    I'm definitely a lot more comfortable than I was a couple of years ago. I love languages. But learning languages is a process. I do take classes.

    You're the youngest of four siblings. Tell us about your equation with them. Although I'm the youngest, I am like a mother hen to all of them. I used to resolve their issues, be there for them. Right now we all live apart. Both my brothers are in Australia and my sister is in USA. They are my support system and I'll do everything I can to support them.

    What do you like to wear on a daily basis?
    I like comfy, baggy stuff. In winter, I love big baggy jumpers. If it's summer, I love cotton dresses or shorts and tees. A lot of people tell me that I need to dress up more. But for me it's all about comfort and being myself.

    A word for your follo'ers?
    Keep follo'ing follo!

    By - Indu Mirani and Anju Maskeri



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