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    Default Sets of Salman starrer Dabanng turn bloody

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    On Sunday night, there was a major fight on the sets of the Salman Khan-Sonakshi Sinha starrer Dabanng in Wai. Manoj Chaturvedi, the co-producer, punched Himanshu Mehra, the chief assistant director, as Chaturvediís son Shantanu, who is an assistant director for the film, complained that the unit was mistreating him.

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    Mehra has been admitted to a hospital after he was injured. He had to be given three stitches on his forehead and is recovering now.

    Salman has fired Shantanu after the incident. Producer of the film, Arbaaz Khan, held a meeting with Manoj in order to sort out matters.

    According to sources, the unit was partying at Jannat, a nightclub in Wai, after pack-up on Sunday. Shantanu is known to be rather snobbish and is thus ignored by the crew as no one likes talking to him because of his attitude. He complained about it to his father and a drunk Manoj abused the unit.

    When Himanshu saw that Manoj was creating chaos by shouting and abusing, he tried to make peace but Manoj then abused him and punched his face. Himanshu fell to the ground and his forehead began to bleed.

    Makeup artistes Bharat and Dorris Godambeís son Suraj rescued him and put him in a car. Manoj was about to hit them with a beer bottle but was stopped by some people.

    Salman then asked Shantanu to leave and the shoot is on a hold, awaiting Arbaazís decision.



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