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    Default Its self-promotion for B-Town celebs

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    Sample these:
    Deepika Padukone: gettin loads n loads of msgs frm frens..i wish i cld reply the...i’m all set 4 u...


    KCK,HOUSEFULL,LOVE FOREVER AND MORE...fingers r crossed...

    Abhishek Bachchan: Going to be performing with my bhangra boys from amritsar tonight to jhoom barabar jhoom. Going to be full on RAAPCHIK!!!

    Shahid Kapoor: Will b shootin tom for a video for paathshala man I’m shootin after a month excited like a 5 year old.

    Shah Rukh Khan: cant write my book book here...but just sent u guys a line from my chapter on my neck surgery. my book is kinda funny and happy.

    Reads like a daily diary, right? These are just some examples of how our B-Town celebs connect with their friends (and fans too) almost on a daily basis. The small details about each work day of stars finds space on leading social networking sites. And their fans not only lap up all the ‘inside’ information but revel in the fact that they are privy to starry secrets. In star-struck urban India, fans never have access to their idols’ diaries. And this is where social networking sites come handy. These site give fans a privileged insight into their idols’ lives, thoughts, etc. And Bollywood stars, filmmakers, musicians are making the utmost use of these sites and indulging in their bit of self-promotion.

    So you know everything you wanted to, about your idols — from the films they are doing, their shooting schedules, what they have for breakfast — in their own words. But aren’t these celebs the same set of people who often say that their privacy should not be intruded upon? Now that’s a question that has no answers yet.
    For most B-Towners, social networking sites are now a medium to promote their films (and themselves), which goes on to prove how self-obsessed celebs can actually be. What started off as a platform to share views on various subjects or get in touch with old friends, is now a medium where almost every celeb talks of ‘I, me, myself’. “I can’t really comment on others, but for me, the purpose of being on social networking sites is to build a community of like-minded people. I do not indulge in self promotion nor do I flaunt follower counts,” says actor Gul Panag, who says she doesn’t talk about herself on her social networking sites at all.

    Going gaga over the projects in hand or telling the world how busy one is, is not going to keep the fans following stars for long, feel some. Says actor Rishi Chabaria, “An actor is as good as his/her last work. People know stars through their work and no amount of networking or self publicity is going to add to the number of fans.”
    Some celebs, of course, reason that social networking sites are the best way to stay in touch with fans who want to know all about the stars they love so much. “There is a constant demand for knowing what stars are up to. When it comes from the stars themselves, fans feel closer to them. So, it’s a great way of staying in touch with one’s fan base and expressing oneself,” reasons actor Amrita Arora.

    Actor Sanjay Suri also believes that talking about oneself or one’s projects, has got nothing to do with being self-obsessed. “Social media is a great platform that allows one to communicate directly with friends and others and also get a direct and an unbiased feedback. Even if it’s for publicity and promotion, it’s direct. I don’t see any harm in it nor do I view it as revealing the self-obsessed aspect of one’s character. These interactions connect the stars directly with their well-wishers. Everyone does a little bit for publicity, but when it is done in a straightforward manner, I don’t think it should be considered as self-obsessive,” concludes Sanjay.

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