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    Default School kids ask Kareena to stop smoking on-screen

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    In the last few months, there has been a lot of furore caused over depiction of smoking scenes in films. Now students from various schools of Delhi have written postcards / letters to Kareena Kapoor asking her to refrain from smoking on-screen. It's common knowledge that Kareena's latest release Heroine has the actress puffing away to glory in quite a few scenes.

    The school students wrote to the actress as a part of HRIDAY's (Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth) ongoing campaign against depiction of tobacco use in films. Actors are a role-model for young school and college going kids and hence showing actors light up a cigarette on screen doesn't set a good example.

    HRIDAY had also written to Heroine director Madhur Bhandarkar urging him to abide by the notification and gave reference of movies who have already complied with it. While precious little can be done now considering Heroine has already released, it remains to be seen if Kareena takes this request of her young fans seriously and refrains from smoking on-screen in her forthcoming films.

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