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    Shahid Kapoor gets talking about locking lips with co-stars, shooting with his father and getting back with ex-flames

    Starting with Mausam, how did you prepare for your role?
    There are two major parts to my character in the film— the air force part, which
    is evident from the trailers and the
    Punjabi part.

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    The Punjabi part required me to play the 18-year-old Harinder Singh. He doesn't do much in life and falls in love with a girl. I had to understand the background and culture of the rural boy. It was tough since it's very different from the way I have been brought up. Dad helped me understand Harinder. Perhaps, he was Harinder himself in his youth. I am sure he must have fell in love with one of his neighbours in his youth.

    And what about the air force part?
    Playing an air force officer required a lot of preparation. We did not want to go wrong even with the smallest details. Even the moustache that I sport in Mausam was designed after studying and consulting air force officials. If you notice, I have really short hair in the film. This is because in the air force, they are very particular about one's hairstyle. And looking like a man in uniform was just a part of it.

    You also had to fly an aircraft. Was it easy to qualify as a pilot?
    There were a series of tests — blood, hearing, eyesight, cardio-vascular, fat content, cholesterol and so on and so forth. Thankfully, I qualified. I felt quite cool after that.

    Mausam had been in the making for a very long time...
    It was a very demanding script. Dad told me that from the very beginning. I had to get everything right for the pilot's role — the body language, the voice modulation and so many other things.

    Is your father a tough taskmaster?
    Those who don't know my dad will get intimidated by him. But he is really a very cool guy. We have grown closer during the making of Mausam. He pushed me, yes. But since he is my father, he had that liberty. He must've felt kya bolega Shahid, baap toh main hoon.

    Mausam is your only release this year as opposed to three in 2010. Is slowing down a conscious decision?
    I ideally would like to do three films every year. Every day I pray for it. But I should like a script before I sign a film.

    So you have liked the role of Chhota Rajan...
    Ekta has offered me a role in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Part 2. I am going through the script right now.

    You are working with Priyanka Chopra in Kunal Kohli's film. How is your equation with her now?
    It's wonderful. She is a lovely girl. I have always enjoyed working with her. We have a lot to do together in Kunal Kohli's film.

    On a personal level, will you and Priyanka get back together?
    It's a hypothetical question. Do you know whether you'll be fine tomorrow? Nobody knows about the future. I live in the present. And I am enjoying my current state to the fullest.

    You have kissed your four leading ladies Priyanka, Kareena, Anushka and Sonam. Which lip-lock, according to you, was the hottest?
    I have kissed all four on screen. However, I am very uncomfortable shooting for a kissing scene, since there are a lot of people watching you on the sets. So, my hottest kiss is reserved for the one I shall marry.

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