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    Default SATYAMEV JAYATE final episode: Aamir Khan bids adieu on a super-positive note

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    In the final episode of his reality show, the actor invited the real heroes of society and highlighted their incredible work

    From female foeticide to child sexual abuse, domestic violence to dowry, medical malpractices to untouchability, organic food to water crisis, actor Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate challenged your perception of common issues plaguing our society and our nation at large.Twelve episodes with twelve serious issues addressed in Satyamev Jayate have managed to touch an emotional chord within us and change many lives for the better. One can’t deny the fact that the show has influenced and contributed to several policy level initiatives and laws. So we were curious to know the topic of discussion on the concluding 13th episode of Aamir’s unconventional reality show.In the final episode Aamir highlighted the work of real heroes in our society who with their firm resolve and conviction strive hard to put principles into action. For a country which has been independent for 65 years, it is a matter of shame that we still face many problems that stop us from being a progressive state. Our constitution endorses justice, liberty, equality and fraternity for one and all. Will we ever be able to wake up to a truly new and progressive India? asked Khan.Aamir then brought into focus the extraordinary work being done by real heroes. And how these people continue to inspire others to lead a better life. The Sarvodaya Trust, for instance, draw their inspiration from the constitution that states India is a secular country. Parimal, Tripti, Arvind and Janhavi wholeheartedly adopted the principle of secularism and gave shelter to orphaned children of all communities teaching every child to co-exist in peace and harmony.
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