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    Default Satish Kaushik finds new actress out of a newspaper!!!

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    Alright so every one keeps saying that you need to be at the right place at the right time to be successful! If you’re lucky enough, even being at the right place for a cause might land you into a totally unexpected medium…

    Something similar happened with Yamini Sharma, this chick from Chandigarh took part in a college protest and got herself on the newspaper… and a copy of that newspaper also landed in the hands of ‘remake king’ Satish Kaushik! The director was in search for a new and young face for his next project and found it right there…

    Next came a session of permission granting and formalities with Yamini’s parents … and even before she realized it, she was a part of a big budget Bollywood film!!!

    Bole to agar director log aise hi hero heroine chun ne lage… to talent hunts ki to waat lag gayi mamuuu…….
    ...being a human...



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