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    Default I was sarcastic: Sreesanth on Bhajji's slap !!!

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    The topic on Star Plus' popular chat show-Tere Mere Beach Mein for this Sunday (September 13) episode is Socha Na Tha.

    All the three guests who came on the show hosted by Farah Khan - Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Sreesanth - were chosen they had committed mistakes which they never thought would have such a huge impact in their lives and would create some major controversies.

    Farah puts the 'bad good boys' of Bollywood and cricket on her couch and gets them to unburden their version of what exactly happened on the huge controversies they faced in their lives.

    Sreesanth, ace Indian cricketer, was seen bawling like a baby after his colleague Harbajjan Singh (Bajji pa) slapped him. Sreesanth speaks of that day, 'I was playing the game in the spirit it should be played. We won easily and I'd also played well. When I went to shake hands, then I said, 'hard luck Bhajji pa' and I was a bit sarcastic and within a fraction of a second it all happened..Everyone said I cried like a baby but we had dinner together that night. We only realised next morning that the media had made it into such a big issue.'

    Farah asks,' Hurt to baad mein hue thi lekin tabhi ekdum shocked hue honge?' He replies, 'Yes, that Bhajji pa would do it and that too on the field… but that is one incident I want to forget. It was just like my elder brother just hit me in my house. I didn't think that I was standing on a ground with so many cameras and people looking at me… Suddenly I realized when I saw everybody around me and I ran to the dressing room.

    'I've become mature after this incident and I've decided that whatever anger I have I will keep it for Australia, England & Pakistan. Whatever happens with India will only be love.'

    Farah then asks, 'Aapko laga ki media ne ise kuch zyada hi uchala?'

    Sreesanth admits, 'Yes. I felt bad for bhajji pa because he faced a ban. I tried a lot, even gave my version at the Nanawati commission and said that Bhajji pa is a great bowler, he is the future, he is like family and I have to play with him again. I pleaded to them that he is not guilty and he should play. May be it was my mistake… I was aggressive.'

    Farah then asks, 'How much time did it take to repair your friendship with bhajji? Was it immediately forgiven and forgotten?'

    Sreesanth smiles and reveals, 'That was the best part! That very same night we had dinner together.. Bhajji pa, Yuvi pa and Sachin and we were all laughing away…only to see that it had made headlines news!'

    All's well that ends well… This episode has the stars coming out in the open about their controversies. Tune into Tere Mere Beach Mein, at 9 pm, only on STAR Plus on Sunday, September 13.

    The episode will be aired Sunday at 9 pm on STAR Plus.
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