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    Default Sanjay Gupta plans mock shootout in a mall

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    The makers of 'Shootout at Wadala' touched new depths with their harebrained plan to grab attention. TOI has learnt that they intend to carry out a mock shootout and blow up a car in a crowded mall in Ghatkopar this afternoon as a part of their massive promotional exercise. The idea, say sources from the film's promotional team is, to take the crowd by surprise and give them a feel of a "real shootout."

    The overzealous strategists evidently have not spared a thought for children, pregnant women or senior citizens, who may be far from amused by this stunt. It is also strange that the mall should allow this gimmick to be carried out in its premises when such establishments are constantly under threat and visitors are frisked for weapons and explosives.

    A written communication from the promotional team elaborated, "A live shootout scene will play out in front of an unaware audience...a petrol blast will take place in a car kept as a prop in the cordoned area... a live gang-war with stuntmen will entertain audiences leading to the entry of John Abraham and director Sanjay Gupta."

    Given this city's history of violence, one is not sure if the 'unaware' audience wants to be 'entertained' thus. But when has that stopped Sanjay Gupta from his Quixotic misadventures? Some time back he was booked for 'cheating and forgery' for sending out invites on letterheads that looked similar to that of the Police Commissioner's. And now Gupta takes credit for this 'brainwave' as well.

    In a written communication, Gupta gloats, "I suggested the wild idea to launch the trailer... with a massive event around each...Takes guts and a lot of conviction to pull off something of this scale." When TOI got in touch with Sachin Shile, manager of R-Mall, where the 'shootout' is scheduled to take place, he said, "We have given them permission and the rest will be their responsibility. However, we will do the best we can to ensure that the campaign is carried out properly."

    Tanuj Garg, CEO of producer Balaji, said, "We have taken permissions and all necessary precautions. We are doing this because we wanted to give everybody a high octane feeling as we are launching the trailer on the same day." He said his team has the requisite police permission. But Additional CommisionerQuaiser Khalid (east region) said, the police had not given any permission for the stunt.

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